How to allow certain user roles to regress stage

Hi, we want only super users to be able to regress a case.

In the past I thought we had to switch off regression in the process map, then use rules / actions to regress the case instead.

I’ve just tried this, however, the rules don’t fire if regression is turned off.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?


Hi Kev,

The only way would be to allow regression via the process and then have your controls (Button or process widget, or even the widget itself ect) restricted to the superuser. You would still need your rules / events to do this though

Might be a better way these days, but this is how I have achieved the above.

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If that’s the only way I might try to remove the regress button using css, and have 2 versions of the widget. One for superusers without the CSS, and another for everyone else. I was sure the rules used to work even if regression wasn’t enabled though…

You also have the ability to set Restrictions on who can perform certain actions (Security > Restrictions) based on user role or privileges. So you can configure this to allow only Superusers (assuming that is a role or privilege) to regress keystages.

This prevents it at a low level, so even if you then show the user a button which trggers a rule to regress a stage, it won’t run.

That’s interesting Bob, will give this a go