How to create two-part forms

We have situations in which a job has two elements to it.
For instance, a colleague may need to complete a form and then ask their manager to add something.
In our previous solution we were able to have “two-part” forms which allowed the second user to pick up and continue the form.
Is that possible, or would it be better achieved as two separate forms - in which case, how would we load the data that has been entered on the first form?
I realise we could make use of URL query parameters to autofill the second form, but there are cases in which this is inappropriate (eg when personal information is involved).


Hi Mark,

Use of a single form or multiple will depend on your use case and standard build practices you are following for consistency, you can do it with either.

In order to achieve in either, the main factor you will need to consider is the base object (record) against your form. This can be done via the basics tab of the page builder. Having a page with a base object of case and navigating to it with a specific record, will always edit the existing data (assuming it exists) in any properties you define. Therefore having a form which will store data for fields A,B & C submitted by user 1, then a different form for the same record displaying fields A,B,C & D for user 2 will allow user 2 to edit A,B & C whilst setting a value for the first time for field D.

A simple example of this mechanism you can view in your platform would be something like the user edit page.

Hopefully this makes sense?