How to 'Flag' a customer who is not allowed to call the contact centre

Looking for help/ideas.
We have a Concerned Warning Marker process against various customers. Some customer are not allowed to call us and should only contact us in writing /email.

We wonder if Liberty Converse has functionality to allow us to ALERT the Agent that this customer should not be phoning in. Or can we ensure that is a certain number calls its directed to a Supervisor who will advise them they are not allowed to call in.

Any instructions or ideas on how other companies/local authorities deal with this type of scenario within Liberty Converse would be greatly appreciated.

I have found the chat about Blocking the number completely, but looking for other options.

HI @Lennoxn2 yes the system can do that and there are a number of options.

When calls are coming in as long as the callers CLI is known (I.E. they are not hiding it or calling from a number you don’t have on record for this person). You can tell the system to:

  • Bar the caller - they will be hung-up on without mercy when they call in.

  • Route to a dialogue that explains that they are not allowed to call you and then terminate the call.

  • Route the caller to anyone/anywhere.

  • Display information to the Agent on their Call Details Panel (once they have answered the call) that they are not meant to be calling.

  • Send the caller to another queue/skill that then sends an alert bar on a dashboard that there is a caller that should not be calling in.

Happy to provide instruction based on what it is you want to do. Most customers go for option two which is route the caller based on the number they call from and send it to a Dialogue, play a message that they are not allowed to call and that this attempt has been logged and then hang up the call.

Let me know what your preference is and we can go from there.



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Thank you @JonathanRedsell - I will discuss the options with my colleagues and get back to you on our preference.

Hi @JonathanRedsell
After discussions with the team, could you send me instructions for two options

  1. Route to a dialogue that explains that they are not allowed to call you and then terminate the call.
    2.Display information to the Agent on their Call Details Panel (once they have answered the call) that they are not meant to be calling.

Thanks for your help with this
Nicki Lennox

No Problem.

Option 1 - Route to a Dialogue to play a message and hang up.

You first need to create the Dialogue with a message stating what is appropriate to play to the caller. Then you set this to hang up the call.

Then within your routing rules you will want to ADD a new rule. The new rule will want to be the DDI number that is associated to the service and then within the CLI Range add the callers number, then use the drop-down list to select the new Dialogue you want to load.


You can see here the numbers listed with the CLI Range and the Dialogue this will go to.

You will need to do this for each number you listed within your Call Routing Table.

Option 2 - Bar all calls from a number.

You can bar numbers from any CLI to all services within your system by going to Call Routing, then Clicking **ADD > Other Services > Barred**

Add the CLI of the caller and then press SAVE


This will then bar all calls into your Netcall solution from this number. This won’t load a Dialogue and will terminate the call without a message - when I test this, it says “you dialled an incorrect number” This is a network message rather than one from your Netcall System.

Option 3 - Flagging to the Agent the caller is problematic.

This is probably not something I would do if you want to stop calls coming through but it can have it's uses.

The first part is to go to your Dialogue and Add a Logic Block that looks at the %System.CLI% variable - this means it will look at the callers number and then route this based on your choice.

In this image you can see that if the %System.CLI% = (the number entered) It goes to a new block saying caller not allowed, or if this rule does not match, it goes to my Contact Centre.

Or, in this case I am doing the same CLI lookup, but I add an assignment. In my assignment, I am using the %System.CallerRef1% variable and storing the Text of Barred Caller - the reason for this is that I can pass this to an Agent and store this in the Interactions report for reporting purposes. I then send this to the normal transfer block.

In my Transfer block, I add a value to pass to the service (button next the service drop-down list) and add a name of Caller_Status and the Value of the %System.CallerRef1% this will then

This is what the Agent will see when they answer the call

Hope these options give you some ideas. Let us know how you get on.

Many thanks.