How to relate a export file to a case

I have an export that is saved to an object, how do I relate that back to a case that triggered the export.

The export is created using the ‘export related records’ rule.


Good Question. I can’t find an easy answer to this. The only thought I had was possibly to add the ID of the case record to the export and to then write an event processor that picks this up to create the relationship. I will do some checking to see if this is actually possible within Create, but in the meantime sounds like a feature request!


I’ve managed to botch it a little by creating an object with a single record in. I’ve made this a special record and relate to it from both the export and the case and then use this copy the Case ID to the export record and create a relationship between the 2 using a matching rule. It’s a bit of a faff as its 6 rules in total. Would be good if this feature could be added in the future as I’m worried that if 2 records are created simultaneously it might not work as planned.