How to use doc preview widget

Hi all

I have a pop up that shows all the attachments to an email, I have put a preview widget on the same page but can’t get it configured.

I’ve added the preview available field to the list of attachments and it says the preview is available, i’ve then set the link on this field to named widget, and selected the preview widget.

Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be configured, please can someone advise?


Hi Kevin,

There’s a few things that require configuration for document preview to work. Firstly the file in question must be converted into a PDF file by Liberty Create, before it can be previewed. This can be controller in the Object settings for the File Object (See the Settings tab on the object)

From here you can tick and untick the filetype you want to allow for Preview. Tick all the desired file format you wish to allow to be converted into PDF format and allow for preview on the document preview widget.

Secondly, is checking the preview file and whether it has generated. On an information widget and/or listing widget where your files are placed, use the attribute Preview status to find out if the file is correctly generated into PDF format.
If it says Absent then the file has not generated successfully.
If it says Available then the file has not generated successfully and can be previewed.

It is worth noting that any file formats not listed in the file object, are not supported for document preview.

I hope this helps answer your question and assists you in setting up the document preview. Please do feel free to post if this doesn’t work and i’ll be happy to support you further in getting this working for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Ali

here is my object

and here is a list of the files (showing preview as available)

I’m just having trouble getting the preview to show the selected file

Hi Kevin,

As long as you have setup the document preview in a Widget Group on its own, and then linked a fragment to it, this should work correctly.

However, after investigating your specific issue on your application, and replicating the same behaviour in my own applications, it looks like there is a Core bug with this specific combination, of using Document Preview widget inside of a popup. Therefore I have raised a Core bug on this so we can resolve this for you.

I’ll respond on this thread once we have resolved this issue with a patch number.

Hope this helps, apologies for any inconvenience.

Hi Kevin,

We have now applied a patch to 2020.1+ which resolves the usage of Document Preview widgets within a popup page. Please update your application to at least patch 2020.1.1193 or above to apply this fix before checking your setup again. This should then allow the Document Preview widget to function correctly.

Please do feel free to let me know if there is anything further I can assist with for this setup.

Thanks - all working perfectly now