Ideas Portal released changes to the app

Hey everyone,

We bring a quick reminder on some of the changes we have recently made to the app from your collected feedback in the Ideas Portal section within the Community.

These changes are based on your feedback as well as others in the business.

So, to summarise these are the most important changes made to the app:

"Public" Interface

  • Ideas list defaults to only showing “Under Review” and “Planned” items, and is ordered by Newest first.

  • “Started” status removed

  • Colour coded status badges, for easier identification

  • “Planned” ideas will now show a planned release version, if present

  • “Completed” ideas will now show the release version, if present

There are also many minor improvements made, that you can discover when exploring the app.

We still have many of your ideas in the pipeline, such as allowing users to subscribe for updates on specific Ideas or Products, as well as improved communications around commenting.

But we are always looking for ways to improve, if you have an idea please submit it!

As per always, we love hearing from you so please do not hesitate to ask!


Lisa :blush: