Import Help please


I am editing an existing import in our App to now include a year - this is our new primary field.

With the data we currently have there are 3 objects each with their own import, linked together to create what we call a ‘clause’.

I am now trying to create a new import for a new object which will also be linked to this clause for ‘year’. Each year could have duplicate data , for example one year - many parts.

My issue is that when I now load the data, it loads all of the years and parts (secondary object), when I try to link the first two records to the first object (year) it just shows data for one year rather than all years.

I have tried changing the relationships between the objects but to no avail! If you need me to explain in more detail please let me know.

Morning Amy,

Please email me directly and we can arrange a time for you to talk me through what you are trying to configure and I’ll do my best to help you.

Many Thanks