Inbound SMS as a media type for Contact Centre Queues?

Good Morning,

Is Inbound SMS supported as a media type for Contact Centre Queues in Liberty Converse?
If so, is there particular licensing required?

Can agents reply by SMS?

Looking at a use case for our Audiology services.


HI Paul. Liberty Converse does indeed support SMS however in order to do so you need to utilise the Liberty Connect product, this opens you up to the Messaging interaction type which includes SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram messages and of course the Web Assistant (web chat).

Liberty Connect also enables you to create Bots that can handle interactions and help customers self-serve across all the above methods, reducing contact with your agents for by handling those enquiries that require a human element.

You can learn more about Digital Interactions with Liberty Converse on our website here:

Or check out the Docs Portal on Liberty connect and feel free to get in touch with your account manager who I know will be more than happy to provide you further details and arrange a demo.

Many thanks


Thanks Jonathan,

Will take this back to the area but I suspect there is not a budget for an additional solution.