'Input Postcode Search' Presenter for Relationship Selectors

Not sure who to ask for this, but here goes!
At Adur & Worthing have a presenter (that appears to be custom) called ‘Input Postcode Search’ which we use for example, on this page:
[link removed]
We’re not sure where it’s from but it’s perfect for selecting addresses as it follows the GDS recommended address search format. I’ve noticed it’s not available as an option on Croydon’s platform and was wondering if it could be added? - Or even better, added to Appshare for any other Local Authorities wanting to create self service portals following the gov.uk theme.

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Morning James,

If you would be so kind as to message me with access details, I’d be more than happy to take a look at how it is composed and have it added to the appshare after reviewing it and creating the appropriate documentation.

Many Thanks

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Hi Adam, thanks for quick response!
Emailing you now.


Hi James,
This custom presenter pre-dates Code Studio so cannot be reused in a new application. However the same functionality should be possible to recreate in a new Code Studio presenter. It is just making an AJAX request to search records in a particular object and return them to populate the dropdown.
Thanks, Bob