Introducing Liberty Converse CX v24.2

Hey everyone,

We are delighted to announce that Liberty Converse CX v24.2 is available now!

We’ve made many improvements to Virtual Agents, Natural Language, and Liberty AI – all designed to make it a lot simpler to build and manage.

Some of the feature highlights include:

  • Improvements to Ask Liberty AI - previously known as Naviguide - to add support for displaying the sources of documents used, rescanning documents, using conversation memory and the ability to work seamlessly alongside natural language intents.
  • Simpler Integration with Liberty Create - a new step in Virtual Agents makes it easy to call API Endpoints in a Create application! After adding the Step, enter the Endpoint URL and authentication token. A list of API functions will then be populated. After selecting a function, you can enter values for each request field, and map each response field to a variable. It’s also possible to test Create API calls from the designer.
  • Adding Notes to a Flow - you can now add text notes to Flows to document them. Click the “Add Note” button on the bottom toolbar and choose a place to the note. Notes can be dragged around the canvas, deleted, and the size and colour of the note can be updated.
  • Natural Language Intent Reports & Widgets – see how well your models are performing in real-time.

There are also other changes that can be found within the release notes

Got an idea that you think should be included on our next update? Why not suggest it in our ideas portal!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Lisa V