Issue with process -case stages


I have a small issue, when I complete a case stage manually via a submission subpage, I lose the saved record. When the page is refreshed the information is visible again and I can see that the case has progressed to the next stage.

The widgets I’m using for the sub pages do not have the ‘redirect’ tick box so I’m not sure what I’m missing here?

Please could someone advise.


Hi Amy,
If you are using the widget ‘Case Stage List & Advance’ it should show the ‘Redirect with saved record ID’ checkbox when you select the widget (as per the attached screenshot). What widget are you using there?

Also I’ve just tried creating a subpage and added that to a point in my process. The information I save on this subpage, while passing through the stage transition, seems to be correctly saved as expected.

I might need a little more info from your side in order to assist. Please drop me an email at and we can have a look at your build.