IVR Integrated Surveys

We have created a survey, and configured as per the online documents to integrate it into the IVR so the survey starts when the agent ends the call. This part is working, but our reports aren’t displaying the results from the surveys? We have setup the variables against the queue options, and the store results block at the end of the dialogue as advised. Is there anything else we need to do?
Thanks in advance

Hi Tracy. Does your Survey Dialogue contain a Post Block? This Posts the Question responses to the Survey.


Also, is your Post Block set to load ON EXIT (you can see this in this example).

Let us know, and we can troubleshoot from there.


Hi Jonathan

Thank you, I think we have done something similar?

Hi Tracy, that does look correct.

What report are you using to view the responses?

Hi Jonathan
We have tried all of these, but they don’t show any data. Is this the right place?

Tracy, thanks for the call. It seems the system is triggering your survey, your Dialogue is configured correctly, and we can see in the reports that the call flow works as expected and that the survey is being triggered. Good News is your system is configured correctly.

Can you drop Support an email with this issue and have them take a look at what’s going on in the back end?

Thank you, and sorry I couldn’t help resolve this with you, but hopefully, our support team will find the issue and get this resolved.

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