Latest Version of SafeDesk added to AppShare!

Hi all

As we have started the process of returning to our offices here at Netcall, we have been able to use the SafeDesk app in anger.

It has been a massive help, but, along the way, of course, we learned a number of lessons that we have now fed back into the app for everyone else.

First, we fixed a few bugs, one in particular where a timer was incorrectly set meaning you could double book a desk (oops!).

Next, we worked around a restriction that meant attendees added to a pre-existing meeting room booking didn’t work correctly.

And finally, we also added a number of enhancements, namely, a “More Info” button that now gives access to office floorplans and a list of people with bookings for the next 7 days,

This was very welcome internally after a number of people turned up at the offices only to find themselves alone all day!

We then made some enhancements to reporting so we can easily see future booking trends and historic check ins, all so we can plan for capacity going forward. As always, it is free to download and use, enjoy!

Please feedback with any comments or suggestions!

Cheers, Tony