Liberty adding squelch noise to uploaded recordings

I’ve made some simple audio recordings, saved then as .wav ,16bit, 8Khz. When I play then before upload they are clean, however, after I upload them to Liberty a squelch sound is added to the end.
When I download the recording from Liberty they keep the squelch at the end.
Any ideas how I can stop Liberty form adding the squelch.
I would upload the files but .wav appear to be blocked

HI Gordon. Depending on the version of Liberty Converse you are using, if you create a sound file in MP3 first and convert this to the WAV format, the header information from the MP3 gets interpreted as an annoying chirp/squelch at the end.

I know this is resolved, as I tested this issue on our latest 5.8.7 version; you can contact support to organise an upgrade or record the file as a WAV file, not an MP3.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards.