Liberty Converse - Reports Deep Dive - Friday 12th March at 14:00

On the 12th of March @JonathanRedsell will be running a deep dive into Liberty Converse Reporting, including using the reporting API with Power BI.

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See you there!

It’s today! There’s still time to register. Just drop us an email at
Cheers, Tony

Hi Tony,
I’m new to the forum.
This would be really useful to me. Are these sessions recorded and available for viewing after the actual date?
Kind regards


Hi Matt
Welcome to the Forum! Yes, they are recorded and will be made available. Bit a delay as it’s my job to coordinate this and I rashly had a week off last week. And, before you ask, no, I didn’t go anywhere nice!
I’ll post when the recordings are available.
Cheers, Tony

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Hi Tony,
Thanks for getting back to me.
Time off? How very dare you!?
Welcome back :slight_smile: