Liberty converse -Scheduling

Does anyone use the scheduling & rota’s module?

Is there a way to automatically link a Bank Holiday to the rota if the Bank Holiday is already listed in Converse for call routing?

Hi @tracylancashire, Contact Centre S&R doesn’t tie into the Bank Holidays (Timeplan Date Lists) as some customers may not be closed on bank holidays. However I like this idea and think it would help customers manage S&R more easily. My thought would be to have a tick box in the S&R area and assign which Timeplan Date List you want to reference for the dates of closure, what’s your thoughts on this Also I have had a message from @JonathanGunner saying that there are some enhancements to S&R management coming soon and we would love to share these with you in the New Year.

Hi @JonathanRedsell and @JonathanGunner - Yes, a tick box would be great as at present it is more staff defined rather than having the ability to have date defined options. Look forward to hearing what is coming in the New Year with this.