Liberty Converse Through Load Balancer


We are trying to get our liberty converse solution to run via our Netscaler Load Balancers to allow load balancing of user connections but also make maintenance easier by allowing the telecomms team to drop the backend servers in and out of use to perform patching, upgrades etc.

When testing the Web Client we are constantly running into an issue that i cannot resolve. That is when we log into the web client and make a call to someone via the softphone the person being called cannot hear the person making the call. It is working the other way so the person making the call can hear the person receiving the call.

I wondered if it could be a blocked port but i would have thought that would stop communication both ways if that was the case or does the softphone rely on a different port for voice calls going in and out?

I wonder does anyone have;

  1. Experience of setting up Liberty Converse using load balancers and could offer any advice?
  2. Anyone have any thoughts on why communication works one way only? Does it rely on different ports to be open??

Any advice would be brilliant.