Liberty Converse V5 goes live at Netcall

We are very close now to a general customer release with Converse V5 this week going live internally here at Netcall. And as we are so close, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the free benefits for customers migrating, or upgrading to Converse V5 that are not obvious in the release notes (here in our Resources).

A Converse V5 upgrade out of the box unlocks all Agents to support all media! This means there is no longer any need to allocate licences, or any restrictions on media. Any Agent can, if you choose, receive voice, email, and all our new media channels from our Liberty Connect subscription service. This includes conversational Social Media via Facebook Messenger, 2 way SMS, and an all new Web assistant (more on all of these coming soon), all delivered via a new unified queuing engine into a single simple Agent interface.

Converse V5 also includes as standard our QueueBuster callback engine with no restriction on size, an unlocked version of Dialog Builder meaning you can create your own complex IVRs for self service automation, and 20 Softboards, all at no additional cost. And finally, of course, access via the AppShare to a set of free downloadable content that will be growing and growing over time to allow you to extend and enhance your service.

As always, feel free to post any questions, and we will be happy to help.

Is the new licence framework only available in V5 or are customers able to access the benefits of this licencing in V4?

The new licensing framework is only available in Liberty Converse (v5)


Hi, yes as Chris says it is only available in V5, the redesigned back end allowed us to introduce it. However the upgrade from V4 to V5 is pretty painless, all the existing stats, and config etc get carried across, and there is no charge for the software.

Also I would just like to add that there should be no end user training implications for agents and supervisors moving from v4 to v5.