Liberty Converse Web Browser Issue

Has anyone else encountered issues with agents who use the web interface for Liberty converse being logged out of queues silently but they stay logged in to the app? No error appears onscreen and the browsers doesn’t appear to freeze or crash. Its affecting only a couple of agents and they have tried different browsers but the issue still re-occurs

Hi Alan.

The first thing I would check is whether the browser your agents are using has Sleeping Tabs enabled. This is a feature in some Chrome-based browsers (Like Edge), which, if using a different tab, it puts all other tabs to sleep. Not an issue with viewing a normal web page but for Contact Centre, placing the tab to sleep technically stops sending requests to and from, so it may treat it as a disconnect.

Check that setting on some of your Agents and disable it, if enabled.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Redsell

User’s have confirmed they do have sleeping tabs enabled so have disbaled them and will see what affect that has.