Liberty Create 10.3 Modules eLearning course now available!

The Netcall training team has been working really hard, and is now pleased to announce that an all new eLearning course has been added to the Community. This course is specifically aimed at the new Modules functionality found in V10.3 of our Liberty Create Low Code platform, and is the same technology used to power the latest Citizen Hub set of accelerators and modules.

The course will teach you how to create modules (which are customised snapshots of a selection of components within an application), and then to install them into another application or environment, and yes we think it’s cool feature as well!

To access this course, head over to the Training Section and click on Netcall eLearning to be automatically logged into the myNetcall eLearning portal. In here you will be able to select the Catalogue on the top left hand corner, use the filters to select Liberty Create, and gain access to the Modules course. Clicking Enrol will add the course to your profile and ready to go, the course is approximately 20 minutes long.

As you will see we have lots more eLearning courses covering the other areas of Liberty Create and Converse, including new features found in the upcoming Create 10.4 release (coming in the next few weeks).

If you have any problems accessing the myNetcall Portal or the modules course, drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help.