Liberty Create Community Event - Post match briefing

What a fabulous day for our Community! What began as a little taster event soon became the victim of it’s own success as we moved to a larger venue at the last minute.
A big, big thank you to all our speakers and guests for making the day so enjoyable and such a success.

We are just going to take a breath…
…and start planning the next one!
As Dave Amps said, we will shortly have a new Category on the Forum that will let you comment on the event and add suggestions for the future.
Thanks again everybody.
Cheers, Tony


Thanks for putting this on. The product roadmap looks fantastic and it’s great to meet the community.
I had some really interesting conversation with other attendees, but didn’t manage to get round everyone.

I’d like to write a blog post for our internal comms and show how well represented the event was. If you were there and you’re happy for me to name check who you work for, please reply below or email


PS thanks to the Swan Hotel, the veggie lasagne was delicious


Thanks for the feedback Craig, a few stats for you that i can share. We had 33 attend from 18 organisations. Including 7 public sector customers.