Liberty Create UML/Database Model


I wanted to know if there is a way to export the database model which includes tables, its fields, primary keys/foreign keys and the relationships? Or if we can export the DDL/SQL to create that?

I can see that there is a basic data model which shows relationship between data objects. I am looking for something more low level

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy,

There isn’t a way to do this currently. That’s primarily because the schema is built within the platforms database and therefore incorporates pre-built elements to speed up the delivery.

Whats the reason for the question? There may be another way to achieve what you’re after.

For example, if its about accessing data within that schema directly then v10.4 added additional functionality that allows you to expose a normalised schema via ODBC that can be queried directly. For incorporating information into Power Bi, Tableau or Data Warehouse/Lakes as an example.


Thanks Richard, that’s very helpful.

I am looking into building data models with more details to facilitate planning and collaboration between design and implementation. So I was looking if I can export this from the platform.