Liberty Platform strapline update and launch of Liberty AI

New this month is the Launch of Liberty AI

This launch is an addition to the existing AI capabilities that we already hold within the Liberty Platform.

Netcall Liberty is an AI-powered Automation & Customer Engagement platform that lets you make huge, transformational changes, fast.

We are delighted to announce this new addition to the Liberty family. With the new AI-powered platform you will have the ability to gain better insights into data and add significant new capabilities to the Liberty Platform.

How is this possible you may be asking yourself? Well, by training machine learning (ML) models on historical data from their systems, they can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict future outcomes and use those predictions to improve and automate decision making.

The potential for using AI with your data is enormous. You’re already likely to be using AI in some areas. You also won’t need to share data externally as data models are trained locally on your Liberty Controller, and no additional third-party software licenses are required. It’s all built in to the Liberty Platform.

As a Liberty Create customer, if you’re considering machine learning or artificial intelligence, the good news is you can be up and running in days, getting more from your data quickly.

With Liberty AI you can make complex decisions simple!

If you would like more information please visit Machine learning solution for business & devs to benefit from AI - Netcall or reply to this post and we will contact you! :smiling_face:

Thank you