Liberty RPA & Machine Learning

My MD asked me today “Do our bots have machine learning capabilities?”, I wondered what the position of Liberty is on this question?

I can think of flows that we could write that would change depending on the information that the flow gathered in the past to make a better decision in the future but was interested in other peoples thoughts?

Hi David,

I am sure you have heard the news about Liberty AI which allows you to build your own models as well as use the pre-build ones.

The synergy with RPA is where you can use the robots to feed data in Liberty AI and act on the results directly. Liberty RPA 2022.1 packes new activities to directly integrate with Liberty AI, which allows you to access the machine learning models with just a few clicks.

More information on Liberty AI: Machine learning solution for business & devs to benefit from AI - Netcall

Very excited to hear about your use-cases!