Liberty v3.45 randomly logging agents out


We use Liberty v3.45, which our staff log into as agents through their web browsers every day, However, several of them are now finding that they are being logged out of the system with no notice several times throughout the day.

I have investigated the “sleeping tabs” in browsers possibility mentioned elsewhere on this forum, but despite getting all staff to disable this function in their browsers, there is no difference.

Any suggestions on what else may be causing agents to be unexpectedly logged out?


Hi @m.j.marshall sorry for not coming back to you sooner. Is this still happening? Which browser are you using and version? Is this all Agents at the same time or just some Agents? Is this when they are at home or in the office?

Plenty of questions, but hope it is now no longer causing you an issue.

Many thanks.


Hi Jonathan.
That’s no problem. Yes, this is still happening. We are all using MIcrosoft Edge for Business Version 121.0.2277.128 (Official build) (64-bit). This is not all agents. Ordinarily this is being reported by 2 or 3 out of roughly 10 members of staff who regularly log in. I’m not sure whether it is happening to each of them at the same time, but this is a possibility. This is happening both when they are at home, connecting via a VPN, and when they are in the office, connecting directly to the network.
Kind regards, Mike

Thanks Mike.

This certainly needs further investigation; can you raise this with our support team ( and they can then start looking deeper into logs and such with you and also looking at the systems to see what might be causing this.

Many thanks.