Limit Setting - get_related

Hi All,

I’m using record.get_related to get all related records which can be more than 500 records. But as per the default setting it returns 100 records only, can someone please help me with the correct syntax to change the default limit setting?

I have tried multiple options but always returns 100.

var _filter = [{‘field_path’: cs.ref(‘FP_XX_ID’),‘comparator’: ‘empty’}];
var _limit =[{‘limit’:500}];
let r_records = x_record.get_related(cs.ref(“RP_Audit_AuditFileQuestion”),_filter,_limit);

Thank you

I think you just need to drop the array brackets, as options is just an object…
var _limit = {'limit':500};

ahh, I didn’t notice that. Thank you, it works now.