List Collapsible

Hi does anyone know if there is a way to set a collapsible list to auto collapse after a set time rather than clicking to open and clicking to close please?

Hi Rhian,

There isn’t a setting for this but custom javascript could be added alongside the widget to achieve it.

IMO auto-collapsing after a set time would be a strange UX. If the widget had the option to auto-collapse other rows when you open a new one, would that be good for your needs?



Hi Paul

Many thanks for response. We are looking at a build where we’re conscious of data visibility when staff are on visits and so yes it may seem an unusual request. If the item were to auto-collapse when opening a new row that would help certainly.

Hi Rhian,

I see the privacy angle you are coming from now.

We will add to the wishlist to control the circumstances for auto-closing.


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That would be great, thank you Paul!