List of all respondents to a message

HI all,

I am working on an application to deal with requesting a supply teacher. The app has been set up so that when a request is created, all teachers qualified for the job are sent a message asking if they can cover.

What I need to do is create a list of all the teachers who responded to each request either by email or SMS.

I’ve made many attempts to list all respondents but all have failed. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

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Hi Jane,

Welcome to the Community platform. I am going to try your build scenario and will attempt to suggest a solution. Can I please ask what path(s) have you already tried to list all the respondents?


Thanks Asif.

I probably can’t remember them all, and some are so desperate that you’ll have to forgive me, but here are some of my attempts so far:

  • I have tried adding a matching rule on the inbound message handler to match the sender record to the supply teacher record and the event on matched triggers a rule to add the record to a subset (which only worked to show that the teacher had responded once, and not for each request).

  • I tried to use a relation selector on the case processing page.

  • I tried to use a subset to identify all inbound messages to the case and display a list of the senders. (I need to re-try this one as I have managed to create a relationship between the message and the supply teacher through matching the email address, but now our Build environment is preventing us from using a relationship selector when adding a widget to a page…).

I hope this makes sense but happy to answer any questions that might help.

Kind regards,

Hi Janes,

We created a little app of our own to replicate your scenario. In the end we have a list of the ‘Teachers’ who replied to the emails against a particular ‘Request’. I believe that is what you wanted.

From the screenshot below you can see I created three basic objects i.e. Teacher, Request and Messages:


Once a Request record is created I link all the teachers against it and send them an email each. Once a teacher replies, a rule is triggered to ‘Add relationship by matching’ as per the screenshot below:


Given the base object of this next pop up page is ‘Request’ object (screenshot below) we can see a list of messages sent as well as teachers who replied.

The crux of the matter is the rule that adds relationship between ‘Request’ object and ‘Messages’ object. The trigger of this rule is Record created against Messages object.

I hope it all makes sense and if you’d like to have further assistance please feel free to drop me a message via Community platform, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thanks for posting the attempted paths from your build, it actually helped.