Local Government - Liberty Create

I’m looking for local government bodies who use Liberty Create. I’m interested in how its used within local government, what areas this has been used in and how its made improvements.

I work for Darlington Borough Council Customer Services, I am the system administrator and I am responsible for our Liberty Converse solution. We have not procured Create. However I have been browsing the site and looking at the solutions/apps within Create and have been very impressed so far. I’d love to hear from a LG perspective.


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Hi @KatieEllison
I am the Community Platform Manager for Netcall. Thanks for posting on the Community. I am sure our LG members will be glad to share their experiences with you.

It might help, however, if you introduce yourself a bit. Perhaps share which Council you work for, what your position is and what you issues you are looking to solve?

Thanks, Tony


Hi Tony, thanks for your suggestion.

I have updated my post to reflect this. There is nothing specific I am looking to solve at the moment, more of an insight of the product used within LG.