Looking for tips on List Edit

Hi, I’m adding the List Edit to a form to capture name and date of birth and want to include the upload button for the customer to provide proofs for each resident.
All works OK but when we open on a mobile phone, it does work but looks awful. It looks fine on the preview within Build but on an actual phone it’s really not good. I appreciate it’s a lot of information per line in a very small space and wondered if anybody had done similar and found a solution.

Hi Cathy, my name is Mark and I am the Community Builder at Netcall. If you would kindly drop me a mail at mark.pearson@netcall.com we can arrange a call to discuss your issue and hope fully come up with a better solution for you. MP

As discussed Cathy, the list edit option for mobile use is probably not ideal. Have suggested building a separate page for mobile, using a form widget instead of the list edit option being used in the main interface, as this allows more real estate on the screen and more options for a better user experience. If you need any further help please contact me again. MP