Mail Blending routing

Is there a way within the routing rules for mail blending that you could add nested criteria?
Example: An email needs to be routed to a queue by a keyword so i can stipulate that it contains a specific word e.g ‘Black’ or an additional word/s. But not to contain another specific word such as ‘White’. I’m under the impression that i would need to set up two separate routing rules for this to work. Can you confirm if this is correct?

Hi @JasonGrainger When adding a routing rule these are added with an And Statement.

So for example I can create a rule that uses a To Address Contains then Add a rule that says message to contain xxx

The only thing a routing rule won’t allow you to add is a Does NOT contain. You can add Equals to, Contains or Contains Any of.

Thinking about it if I had a rule that stated If black then do this that would work, and another rule If white then do that, that would work, but it is not possible to add two rules together, I can see the idea behind it though and think it’s a good addition to our rule set.

Kind of saying Rule contains this, but if also contains this, then do that. The only thing here would be to think about the structure of the message as Email scans words and phrases so we would probably need to see some examples of emails to better gauge how this could be done.

@JonathanGunner Do you see this as a possible enhancement adding a Do Not Contain (any of) filter within the email rules?

Jonathan, do you mind if i message you outwith the forum with the ideas that we have and it may be easier for you to understand our requirements?

Yes no problem at all

Jonathan, I’ve sent the email onto you.