Make dialogue unavailable

In Liberty Converse is there a way where a group supervisor make dialogue unavailable for short period and send all calls to a pre-recorded message.

Hi, @jreis. Welcome to the Community. By default, a Supervisor would not have access to a Dialogue unless you set them up with permissions to edit them - of course, I’d suggest they took some training on Dialogue Builder to skill them up on how to make changes.

However, there are a couple of ways you could do this automatically using the System Administration TUI and the Prompt Libray. It does require an administrator to set up the Dialogue in a certain way in the first instance. You can learn how to set this up in our [Dialogue Builder Essentials course] (free for all our Community members).

A quick summary of how this works:

  1. Create a Prompt Library Prompt.

  1. Use a Logic Block to check if the prompt library prompt is recorded and then route to a message that plays the recording if enabled. (If not, carry on as usual)

Then using your system’s System Administration TUI (Telephone User Interface), you can dial in and record the prompt.

As I say, the above is a quick snapshot of what I mentioned in the course (link above). Take a look, and if you have any questions, please let us know.