Making an authenticated webpage public

I want to make our General Enquiry form webpage public, so customers can complete it without registering an account. I have switched on anonymous logging in Central > System > Services and changed the Utilisation setting in the page’s Basics to ‘Webpage (Public)’ but all the form now shows is the ‘button cluster top’ subpage - the rest of the form does not appear.

I’ve obviously missed something, but can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I’ve had an email conversation with Fabio at Netcall and I have a solution for this, now. Thanks Fabio!

For those who may not realise this is a CH specific question I have moved it into the CH Framework category.

No problem Mark!

Just to add a bit of context to the question and what my reply to it was for anyone else reading, Mark wanted to know if the page to create a case for a General Enquiry Service type (which is built as an Authenticated Webpage within the framework) could be amended to be a Public webpage so that an anonymous user could create a case for it.

My reply was that the only way that I know of to create a case anonymously within the framework is to select the option of anonymous logging in the Admin interface of Central for the service type and then use the link to the standard Authentication webpage for the creation of a case for the service found on the Portal homepage.

The problem with creating a public webpage in order to create a case is that the case creation is not then started from within Central. It needs to do this as there are many levels of relationships that the inbuilt process set up when creating a case, in terms of linking and then central being notified, including setting a “central serviceid” that is unique to the environment being used.
If anyone else has any thoughts or ideas on this please do share them, I’m sure Mark (and me!) would be interested in hearing them.

I certainly would, Fabio! Thanks again for your help, it’s helped me update our customer login/register page, as well. I’m now looking at customising the default login page, but that’s for another thread!