Managing busy services

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I wondered if any LA’s or Housing Associations had any netcall solutions in place to manage busy services? We are looking at the use of call queue limiting, call backs and queue buster to assist our Housing service, particularly on Mondays (busiest day of the week). Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Katie, I am at an LA and we’ve been using the CallBack facility for a couple of years now - it has gone down really well with customers as they aren’t sat waiting in our queues. Once they’ve realised they are getting a callback within an hour, they use it again and again! We are also using it, in conjunction with the Queue Capacity Logic blocks, to manage extremely busy times of the year (annual council tax billing, school admissions).

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Hello Katie, we are using the call back facility for 19 of our Contact Centre queues and they have been working really well. We do limit the volume of call backs that can enter the queue. Similar to ross_mcqeen, we have also setup Queue Capacity Logic blocks on our busiest lines which has really helped manage the incoming traffic of calls. If a customer does get a queue capacity reached message, we have added recordings on which point the customers to the website to try and resolve their queries. Hope this helps. Thanks

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Thank you @ross_mcqueen ! Do you know if Queue Buster and CallBack are the same thing?

HI @KatieEllison yes CallBack is another name for QueueBuster. CallBack contains two products, the more common QueueBuster (which is what you use when you have wait times above what you feel acceptable and wish the caller to be automatically queued and called back when an Agent is free), and CallMeBack, which is an API call (typically from a web page) where a caller can enter their details and select a time/date to be called back. Here is an example of a CallMeBack web form:

For all things QueueBuster do check out the Liberty Converse CallBack Course in the academy.