Manually Add Time to a Timer


Is there a way to manually add time to a timer? We’re building a legal host and they like to record the time spent working on a case, I’d prefer them to use the timer function but they need to be able to record time spent on the process outside of the system as well.

I was thinking of a page with a field that when submitted was added to the timer duration but I can’t access the timer in composites.


Hi Victoria, I’m presuming you are building a time audit or log against a case, where individual records are created against a case, and an activity is set (research, letter, phone call etc.) and then time in minutes added alongside each activity.

Creating an aggregate of the time should be feasible. Could you explain how you would anticipate the aggregate time spent to influence a timer? I’d like to understand your use case better.

Many Thanks

Adam Mills

Hi, thanks for replying, yes that’s exactly it, we’d want the individual time periods to add up to a total.

So they’d record seven minutes on the phone, start the timer in liberty to do some work on the response and pause it when done, and all of this would be added together and displayed with a total.

Either the timer itself would be the total - thus the other increments would add to it, or we could have a new separate total field.

Afternoon Victoria,

Although you could add a timer to your case or activity object and could add start and pause event buttons to manage it, we have no way of presenting an aggregate of timers available at the moment.

I’m also concerned with this approach you may have issues with runaway timers and little recourse to address the issue.

A better solution might be to start with a minutes field which is easy to aggregate and we could look to create a timer presenter for you. In this way the user would have to save the record to apply the time, unlike the timer which will start and run regardless.

By offering a field you get the best of both worlds, a helper to help you keep track whilst you work on an item, and a manual entry for everything else.

What do you think.