Map widget not working

I am just in the process of creating another interface and for this i need to use the map widget.

i am looking to use the widget as a stand alone map and i get this error.

This message stops me from applying the widget, any reason why this is happening. I cannot see anything jump out at me in the settings panel.

Anyone else experienced this issue?

Hi Luke
Do you have a postcode filed in object you are wanting to use the map for?

Hi Mark,

My data type is a long lat, ideally i need to use this to pin point a location on the map.

If i change it to a postcode will this have the same functionality?


In this example are you trying to display a map point, or get the user to input one?

I can reproduce the error with the “Map” presenter, but the “Latitude & Longitude (map)” presenter, and the standalone “Map” widget both seem fine, so you may be able to workaround this by switching to one of those for now, depending on your use case.

Hi Luke, the error has now been fixed, so if you make sure you are on the latest patch you should be fine using the Map presenter now.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for this :smile:. Just tested and map presenter now works.

However, i was hoping this would have the same functionality to plot a new location on the map when interacting with the map.

if this is not possible, is there a way to hide the long and lat text boxes below the map when choosing Longitude and Lattitude presenter?


The “Map” presenter is just for displaying an existing location, the “Latitude & Longitude (map)” presenter is the one you want for inputting/dropping a pin. I don’t think there is a setting to hide the text inputs, but you could do it via CSS in your stylesheet, e.g:

.system_presenter_input_lat_long_map input.valid_lat_long {

Sorry to dig up an old post.

If you create a form widget and add the property containing your long/lat data type the property will display as a map. Add a submit button and it should allow you to select anywhere on the map to record the long/lat.

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