Master detail list based on the current row in the master

I am creating a series of questions (held in a question table) that I have limited to 1 row per page for presentation purposes. I want to limit the visible response options (held in a table question responses - Question 1:M Question Responses) to the current row on the page. I have tried a range of options (e.g list by sub-page) but cannot seem to filter the responses.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Mark,

I see what you are trying to implement in your questionnaire app (and that you are burning the midnight oil!).
I wonder what relationship have you created between questions and answer object (given they are stored in two different tables?). In any case I believe the Surveys accelerator app on AppShare does it in a similar fashion.
If you have tried it and still need help, please let me know and I can go through your app with you via Teams meeting etc.

Asif Kundi

Hi Asif,

Many thanks for the speedy response, it would be great to jump on a Teams call and talk through. I’ll DM you.