Mismatch on Stats

Hi All

I hope someone can help me out here. After upgrade to Liberty Converse, we have found that on many occasions stats do not match each other. We would expect that emails processed will more or less match the activity codes, number of interactions, completed by agents and queued vs completed reports but this is not the case on Liberty 5. It seems that every stats we run on emails shows different figure. Therefore, we are not sure which one is correct as there is no ultimate figure that we can report on.

It’s similar on calls i.e. we had 179 calls queued today and we have answered 80 of them, the rest were abandoned by the customers after the phone message but 172 of them were within SLA. The SLA should not be based on the calls answered?

Calls Within SLA / Calls Answered x 100 = SLA

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Hi Marcin,

We have a similar thing and our internal SLA’s differ to the configuration of the preset reports. We calculate SLAs on Answered calls separate to Redirected or Abandoned so to resolve this we use the interactions report to get the raw data, export it and do a quick calculation and pivot table to get the figures we want to report on internally.
In the future we hope to use the APIs and power BI to automate the calculations we need.
Would be great to here if there is a simple solution to this in the existing reports.

Hi Marcin,

Thanks for reporting this issue to us. It certainly should not be the case that totals in one report differs from another. I will ask our support team to get in touch with you directly to investigate further.

With regards to how we calculate SLA, note that calls that abandon BEFORE the SLA time are excluded from the calculation. So for example, if your SLA is 30 seconds, any callers that abandons within 30 sec are not counted. We have always calculated it this way even back in the SEMAP+ days. We added additional stats to the Queue Summary Report so that you can use your own method to calculate SLA by providing a count of interactions that were answered within SLA and those that were answered / abandoned after SLA. Hope that helps.

Many thanks

Jonathan Gunner.