Mobile App - Push Notifications


We are developing an app intended to be used on mobiles. Basically an app that will advertise positions in available in schools and staff be able to respond.
The idea is to send a Push Notifications every time a new position is available, but these do not display as expected.

The notifications trigger correctly and send, but the status displays as “Failed” and on mobile devices they are not visible unless the user has the app open (only Android, nothing on iOS)
Below is a snippet of the information we have on the messages.


I wonder if there are any extra configuration steps that are not mentioned in the documentation here: Help Portal (

Germán Cassagnes

Hi @Cassablanca,

The doc does state all the prerequisites, and assuming all those have been configured correctly, you should receive a push notification correctly.

The failure reason is odd, though.
It’s claiming (at least on the first message on iOS) that the app credentials are invalid.
Could be a configuration issue, but I think this will need proper investigation.

I would advise you raise a Support Ticket for us to have a deeper look into the problem here.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: