Monthly User Meetings (Citizen Hub and more)

Hello everyone
Seems sensible to start using this section of the Forum to support the Monthly User Meetings too.
February feedback
DEMO: Thank you again to Craig Barker, Senior Digital Service Design Officer of Cumbria provides a short overview demo of their SEND children’s “Targeted Short Breaks Activities” build. This is an end-to-end service that provides parents of SEND children self-serve access to short break activities, through an online registration and activity booking system. The video is in Community Resources here
Meeting survey feedback
Thank you to all who fed back using the survey. The Monthly meeting will be rescheduled for a Wednesday 11 to 12.

User Meeting Wednesday 27th at 11 am

Chair: We are delighted to confirm that Clare Evans, Corporate services manager at Tewkesbury Borough Council will be chairing these meetings for the next several months. please email her if you have any agenda suggestions

The agenda for April’s Wednesday is as follows

  • Introductions
  • Register of Interests app: Jim Davis, Customer Improvement Manager, South Hams West Devon
    • Democratic services at every council has a need to maintain this information for their councillors and local Parish Councils. This App is designed to automate the process of updating Councillor details (local and Parish) their details. It displays searchable results online automatically. It also automates the updating of parish clerk details. SHWD plan to have this ready for the May 4th elections.
    • SHWD will generously provide this very useful App to the AppShare
  • Local Gov Drupal: Will Callaghan, Product Lead will present on Local Gov Drupal
    • Several Netcall Users are already using Drupal as their CMS
    • We are exploring how to further support their journey.
  • Toolkit within the Framework : Neil Kennedy, Chief Technical Architect will share developments within the Citizen Hub toolkit.
  • AOB and requests

Hi Lynley,

I hadn’t heard of these meetings previously. Can you give me some information about the format and intended delegates? It sounds like something I or my colleagues may be interested in.



Hi Richard - lovely to hear from you. This monthly meeting is for all local government users - it is usually 60 minutes, with 3 short presentations and some discussion. All councils are invited, initially, we circulated an email to be forwarded. If you’d like to join, please email me at with those you’d like me to add to the invite.

Update for all LG Users
thank you to all who attended the user meeting on the 27th. Good to have your company. A special thanks to our guests @JimDavis, #willcallaghan of LocalGovDrupal, and @neil.kennedy.
The register of interest demo from SHWD is here and the session about Drupal is here
Warm thanks again to our chair @clareevans
We are working on the agenda for next month 25th May and will publish it in about 2 weeks
if you have a topic you’d like included, or are ready with an app for “show and tell” please let us know.

Thank you to those who were able to join on Wednesday.
Big thank you again to Victoria and Kevin for their demo.
2 min survey – 3 questions
[@Clare.Evans] has requested a survey on working groups.
Please may we ask you to join in and help us to better understand everyone’s needs? You’ll find it here LCforLG User Survey - Working groups

hello everyone
the Croydon demo video is now up on the community
thank you to all who have completed the survey, we’d love to hear about your priorities. Oh, and by the way, the average completion time is 60 secs.
best wishes

Hello Everyone
Wasn’t it an amazing turnout - over 50 local gov low-coders!! How fab.
Thanks to the Adur and Worthing team for a great demo.
It was exciting to hear about the joint working between Newcastle, Cumbria, and Croydon.
My quote of the session was “we had thought it would be very complex … in less than an hour with the right people in the room we had it working

To catch up with or rewatch, the video of Adur and Worthing’s demo is here

Looking forward to the AI workshop on 27th July. See you all there.
Local Gov User Meeting: AI functionality within Liberty Create
The July 2022 Local Government user meeting focussed on new AI functionality within Liberty Create. Our Chris Roberts, Senior Solutions Architect provided a walk-through of the AI functionality.
Then using the data provided by Joe Cole, Lead Digital Officer at Tewkesbury Borough Council, Chris ran through a use scenario. Watch the video to learn more.
During the September meeting, we’ll be asking Users if they have any use case ideas for further follow up.

Hi there, Id like to join the monthly user meetings, please can you advise how I do this? Thanks
Darlington Borough Council

Hi Kate - thanks for your query - I’m writing to you via email to discuss how I can help - thanks Lynley

Hello All - thank you for the attendance at the LCforLG User event yesterday
Craig Barker Senior Digital Service Design Officer at Cumbria County Council
This demo is about the vulnerable person register or VIPER. This application was built from Wave One of COVID support. During COVID Cumbria built a supporting local resident system centred around a household rather than an individual.
In building household profiles, we started to onboard data from multiple data sources. This included APIs for national data (e.g. shielding data). It was also important to be able to import data from less formal sources such as CVS for NHS adult social care data and Charity spreadsheets such as Meals on Wheels.
This uses the topology of a household and then pulling other data sources. The Cumbria local Resilience Forum manager has the vision that this should grow and be developed into a product that we could use for other times of crisis. Our Local Resilience Forum includes Cumbria County Council, Several District councils, police, fire, and other third-sector orgs.
They are using this to support their day-to-day job of being emergency prepared for times of crisis such as flood or power outages. This tool is built to support boots on the ground to search and quickly identify households that are most vulnerable. It enables emergency responders to prioritize the properties, and the people in those properties that need attention first.

Hello all - The Croydon City Council video is here
James Bovingdon – Digital - Croydon City Council
This demo is to showcase one of the processes in their new CRM. It is part of a group of processes including general inquiries, Garden Waste, and Bulky Waste. Garden Waste had over 22,000 live subscriptions to transfer, which went well. Bulky Waste is quite a simple journey with some added subtleties. A customer service agent or resident can self-serve via the website. We have removed the login-in barrier for this service.
Interestingly we use a styling approach with a well-designed style guide based on GovUK Styling. It transitions seamlessly from the website (Drupal) to the form (Citizen Hub).
We have terms and conditions and privacy notices upfront. This is followed by a (smart) searchable list of items. We use tick boxes with embedded links, which is a little presenter. The journey is tailored to work exactly the way we wanted throughout.
If anyone wants to share please let us know. The address lookup is based on LPG with over 250,000 addresses. Then we query our waste provider Veolia. Their database includes data on eligibility. The resident can create a basket and then can pay through the payment gateway. They can amend their basket as needed.

HI all,

I am Paul although everyone calls me Swinge! for some reason :slight_smile:
I am very new to NETCALL with only liberty create (Level 1 Certification, Level 2) completed.
I am just starting the Citizen Hub training.
I would be interested in joining any user group meetings in the future.

Cheers - Paul

Senior Software Engineer
Birmingham City Council

Hi Paul - please may I ask you to email me at so that I can include you? Many thanks Lynley

Hello All - JANUARY meeting videos are now uploaded.
Please find them at these locations:

LCforLG Demo: 18Jan23 SHWD LcforLG Demo Register of interest
Hear Jim Davis, Customer Improvement Manager and Victoria Smith, Lead System Architect of South Hams West Devon demonstrate their register of councillor interest. This process showcases how SHWD have met the needs of a statutory requirement as well and being the holder of the last resort of relevant data. They have generously submitted this App to the App share. Please ask the community team if you wish to download it. 9 min 53 sec video

LCforLG Demo: 18Jan23 SHWD Gen Enquiry process.
Hear Jim Davis, Customer Improvement Manager, and Victoria Smith, Lead System Architect of South Hams West Devon demonstrate their general enquiries process. This process is designed to support customer self-serve rather than to request assistance. About 75% of customers find their own way to resolution with only 25% needing assistance from customer service. The integration with Converse supports rapid management and resolution of contact. 8 min 13-sec video

Hello All - FEBRUARY Meeting videos are now uploaded

Neil Glendinning, ICT Enterprise Architect, and Janice Quinn, Senior ICT Solutions Analyst of Newcastle City Council provided us with background and a demo of the Clean Air Zone (CAZ). This presentation covered the background of Clean Air Zones, Newcastle’s CAZ, checking the vehicles, emission standards, government grants, national exceptions, payment methods, and the ICT architecture. The demo walked through the customer and agent processes step by step.

The role of RPA, it is a Stabiliser, Sticking plaster, or Stimulator?
Richard Higginbotham, Product Marketing Manager discusses the role of RPA, is it a Stabiliser, Sticking plaster, or Stimulator? The discussion covers Netcall Robotic Process Automation 101: intro to RPA Intelligent Automation, Unpacking RPA - where, what, and how it fits in for an end-to-end process, and Automation: how does it stimulate Innovation?

Hi All,

Happy Friday!

Just a quick message from me here to introduce myself :slightly_smiling_face:

I joined Netcall in April 2023 as Customer Engagement Manager. I am going to take over the admin support part of these meetings going forward.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please drop me a line at

I really hope that we will continue to make these meetings as successful as they’ve been to date.

Good afternoon All,

Thank you for your participation in our User Group meeting yesterday. We had a really good turnout with 50+ participants from over 10 different councils.

I am pleased to confirm that our demos are now live in the Community Library.

Special thanks to:
@sanjay.mistry and @Michael.Edwards from Cheltenham for their Parking Commercialisation Demo
@mrjoe90 and Darren from Newcastle for their Community Grants Demo
and to @CraigBarker_Cumbria for chairing of the meeting!

Thank you so much again for your engagement and contribution!

Good afternoon All,

Thank you for your participation in our User Group meeting on 19/07/23. We had a really positive feedback from the meeting so far.

I am pleased to confirm that our demos are now live in the Community Library.

Special thanks to:
Michael Roberts from St Helens Council for the RPA Demo
John Samways from Lancashire Council for the Event Ticketing App Demo
and to Paul Doney from Newcastle Council for chairing the meeting!

Thank you so much again for your engagement and contribution!