Multifactor authentication

We are looking to turn on Multifactor authentication in Create and have been testing in build. Is there a way to stop users from turning this off themselves after it has been enabled?

I have made it required in the object and gone through the set up however after set up, the user can toggle off the enabled option on the 2FA set up menu. There is a error message saying to select a preferred method however this appears to still save and is not enables the next time they log in?

Hi Sarah, I’ll be in touch to review your configuration shortly.

Currently, Create does not offer an option to enforce 2FA as a minimum, and as you rightly pointed out it can be removed by the customer.

I have put forward an idea on your behalf to have an option added to enforce 2FA as mandatory for some interfaces. Please support and comment on this idea:

Many Thanks


Thank you Adam, I have voted and commented.

Good Afternoon Sarah,

A patch is now available for Create 21.2 thru 21.4.

This will enforce a minimum of one 2FA option to be active, you will need to enable another before disabling one if only one is active.

Many thanks for bringing this to our attention, please let us know if you experience any further difficulties.


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