Multiple Hosts? Best Practice


I am pretty new to Liberty Create and was wondering about best practice. In particular hosts.
Is it OK to use multiple hosts? For example, a host for each council directorate (that sounds a bit excessive) but multiple hosts so you can group applications, services etc by host sounds like a good idea?

What is best practice?
How do you do yours?

Cheers - Paul (Birmingham City Council)

Welcome Paul,

You’re absolutely spot on. hosts are commonly used to host complimentary applications which sit within the same or similar departments or where either the data requirements or user base are the same or overlapping.

There is no right or wrong answer, and although it might be technically feasible to host many or all of your applications/services in a single host, it can greatly simplify the development and management of applications, to split out applications which may be large and intensive, and to combine applications which require the same data sets or components.

I’m sure the wider community will have some advice as to how they’ve structured their hosts and I look forward to seeing their responses.