Multiple objects on page with base object


Sorry this is probably very basic but please advise.

I have a page with a page base object of ‘User’. I need to add another field to this page from another object, however each time I navigate to the other object I get the generic ‘count’ field. Is this even possible or am I doing something wrong. My relationships seem fine.



Hi Amy, the relationship you are trying to use to access the data field from the other object is incorrect. If it is currently a one to many, then create another relationship, ie Many to One, and you will then have access to the data fields you want. Cheers - MP

Another thought if you are happy your relations work for you is to display a list and customise the look and feel - or if it is just one field you are after change the “No Aggregate” below the relationship at the top of the Right Hand Column in page builder to a “Concatenated List” and all the fields will appear…