Names in Connect


At the start of our welcome flow we ask for the customers name but I am finding that people are typing their query in instead. Is there a way that I can put a character limit on the name block?

I made a new variable and called it “name” which allowed me to put a character limit but the variable was only specific to the welcome flow so I can’t use the customers name throughout the chat. It also now shows in the contacts section as unknown for all the names since I used the new variable. Is there anyway around this?

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We also have the same issue and I’ve not been able to find a solution to this either.

So unfortunately, you can’t set a character limit on the name field as this is a text-based attribute. The key to looking to best resolve this (apart from asking our nice dev chaps to enable a character limit on this field), is to look at the order of your questions, it also seems that people are not reading things correctly so perhaps the first questions before asking their name is to ask about their query and once they have entered that, they can then be asked for their name.

Not the fix you were probably asking for, but I hope it helps. Working with chat bot’s its’ important to understand how your users are interacting with it and then make changes to improve the journey.

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply, we have managed to come up with a workaround with the help of @ross_mcqueen. We are now getting people to confirm what they have entered is their name as we will be referring to them by this name throughout the chat and this seems to have made a difference

Thanks again