Need special function on Next button but using "Button cluster bottom"

I’ve built a service and am using several pages and utilising the “button cluster bottom” subpage.
I now need to trigger an event when clicking next on one page so need to replace the next button on this page with one that triggers the event. It’s only on the one page so can’t change the subpage. Is there a way to do this? Or any alternative suggestions welcome.

Hi Cathy,

Instead of replacing the next button, we’ve managed to do this on some of our services by creating a rule that is triggered on page next, but is constrained by the current page number and the service type.

For example, the trigger for the rule would look like this:

And the subset filters would look like this (this is just a duplicate of the CASE : Page Number is 01 subset with an additional filter):

Then any rules with this trigger would only run when the next button has been pressed on page 1 of the complaints service.

Hopefully this makes sense.


Thank you, that’s exactly what I need.
I think I’ve looked at this service too long with one quirk and another I’d run out of ideas by this point.
Thank you, I’m going straight there to have a go.