Netcall Summary Reports - Calculation Methodologies/Summary Report Extraction Alternative


In the past, we’ve been advised that almost all of the summary reports are built off the back of the Interactions report and the Audit Log report. Therefore, what we did was bring in both of these reports into our data warehouse in the hopes of building the same Liberty Converse summary reports as a custom view in the data warehouse.

We started off trying to replicate the Agent Status Breakdown report, after which we would move onto the Agent Summary and Busy Code reports. Unfortunately, we have not been able to match the figures exactly 1:1 on these reports and are still having difficulties through trial and error.

Therefore, I was wondering if there was any possibility to make these report calculation methodologies available for us to set up these views with the confidence that the results were as expected. I understand it is a complex query, but thought I’d ask just in case.

Our other option that we’re looking at is pulling the summary reports into our data warehouse, but this is a time consuming activity due to the fact that we are wanting to pick up day-by-day information going back to January 2022. The agent status breakdown and busy code reports do not support this without going and filtering each individual day (i.e., > 400 repetitive actions per report) to extract the data. If there is an alternative to this, we’re open to suggestions.

Look forward to hearing back.

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Good Afternoon @wricker ,

Thank you for your question!

I would like to confirm if support contacted you regarding your query?

Please let me know if not, and I can check on this for you!

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Lisa V

Hi @lisa.vermot .

Thanks for getting in contact.

Yes, support did contact me but from the conversations I had, the summary reports were more complex than simply relying on the audit log and interactions reports as previously stated in the documentation (

Instead, we have elected to just manually extracting the summary reports on a monthly basis and running a daily API call into our data warehouse going forward.

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