New and Updated eLearning Courses for Patient Hub

Hello all,

With the release of Patient Hub version 2020.1.8, the Netcall training team is pleased to announce a new Patient Hub eLearning course as well as updates to some existing courses.

New eLearning course:

Patient Hub: Letter Templates

The course is designed to take you through the process of creating Letter Templates and deploying them to a Patient Hub Clinic. The course covers the following topics.

  • Introduction to Letter Templates
  • Creating Letter Content
  • Creating Templates
  • Creating Letter Options
  • Creating Letter Assets
  • Letter Configuration (Clinics)
  • Conditional Logic

Updated eLearning Courses

The following eLearning courses have had updates to include new features and functions from version 2020.1.8.

  • Patient Hub: Symptom Survey - Working with Surveys
  • Patient Hub: I’ve Arrived - Working with Appointments
    • The new My Clinic page to allow clinic admin users better control of appointments/clinic’s they manage.
    • New filtering functions
  • Patient Hub: User Administration
    • Assigning user privileges
    • Clinic Admin role changes
    • New Password Reset functionality
  • Patient Hub: Organisation Management
    • New clinic configuration settings
    • New Letter Template configuration screens

Full Patient Hub Course list

The courses above form part of a larger eLearning course portfolio relating to Patient Hub, the full course list is:

Introductory Courses

  • Patient Hub: Introduction to Patient Hub
  • Patient Hub: The Patient Journey

Main Application Courses

  • Patient Hub: Patient & Appointment Management
  • Patient Hub: Organisation Management
  • Patient Hub: System Settings
  • Patient Hub: User Administration
  • Patient Hub: Handling Rebook & Cancellation Interactions in Liberty Converse
  • Patient Hub: Letter Templates

Specific Module Courses

  • Patient Hub: Tests - Administration
  • Patient Hub: Tests - Working with Patient Tests Results
  • Patient Hub: I’ve Arrived - Administration
  • Patient Hub: I’ve Arrived - Working with Appointments
  • Patient Hub: Symptom Survey - Administration
  • Patient Hub: Symptom Survey - Working with Surveys

The courses are available on the Netcall Community.

Just head over to the Training area within the Netcall Community and click the Netcall eLearning option.

Once logged in to the myNetcall learning portal, either:

  1. Click the folder icon to the right of the top toolbar (to select the catalogue) and free type the Course name

  2. Select the Catalogue from the drop down menu to the left of the page followed by the Courses option. Use the search field to the right to search for the Course name

Clicking Enrol will add the course to your profile and allow you to view it. If you don’t complete a course in one sitting, you can exit and return to wherever you left off at a later date.

If you have any problems accessing the myNetcall Portal or the courses drop the Training team a line at and they’ll be happy to help.