New Converse eLearning Course - Report API (Connecting to Microsoft Power BI)

Hi All
Following on from the huge amount of interest generated by our event last month, Liberty Converse - Reports Deep Dive, the Training team has released a new eLearning course.

Liberty Converse: Contact Centre - Report API (Connecting to Microsoft Power BI) .

  • Course Overview

Liberty Converse Contact Centre reports allow you to utilise the Liberty Converse API to pull report data into 3rd party applications. One of these applications is Microsoft Power BI, which enables you to create your own report dashboards and analyse your data using this applications tool set.

  • Course Objectives

This course will guide you through how to:

  • View/Create an API Key for your Liberty Converse system.
  • Create, customise and save a Report.
  • Obtain your Report URL for integrating with Microsoft Power BI
  • Setup the Dataset within Microsoft Power BI

At the end of this course you will be able to find/create an API Key for your system, understand what reports should be run, customised, saved and how to obtain the unique Report URL and combine your API Key for pulling data from 3rd party applications.

To enrol for this course go to the Training section in Community and select eLearning.

In the Product Suite drop-down on the left select Liberty Converse. Scrolling down, you will find this course in the list.

Let us know how you get on!

Have a great weekend.
Cheers, Tony