New Create 2020.1 eLearning content added!

I am pleased to announce two new eLearning courses and a Feature Video for Create, as always these are free to all Community users. This new content includes:

2020.1 Monitor Studio , this eLearning course covers this brand-new feature that allows users to monitor the performance of any application for an insight into any build issues, or opportunities for optimisation. This course will teach you how to use the Monitor Studio within your own instance of Liberty Create.

Next 2020.1 Liberty Create Controllers, this is an updated version of the existing eLearning course which now includes details on how the Controller can be used to create backups of applications, and depending on the version of the application, upgrade to the latest version of Liberty Create yourself.

And finally, Liberty Create 2020.2 Feature Series episode 4 - Monitor Studio, Help Portal and Controller enhancements. This new short (4 Minute) Feature video highlights some of the headline features added to v2020.2 of Create.

To access the eLearning courses, head over to the Training area within the Netcall Community, select the Catalogue option displayed in the top left-hand corner, and at the top of the page search for the Liberty Create Monitor Studio, and/or The Liberty Create Controller courses, you can then Enrol to add the course to your profile. Each course is approximately an hour long, and If you don’t complete it in one sitting, you can exit and return to wherever you want. The Feature Video is available Here, or as always you can head to the Resources Section and have a browse through all the content.

If you have any problems accessing the content drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help.

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