NEW: eLearning courses have been added to the Netcall Academy

Hey everyone,

Did you know that we have five new eLearning courses in the Academy?

Here are the newest additions:

Patient Hub

  • Patient Hub: Referral Letter Generation
    This course is designed to introduce users to the Patient Hub Waiting List Validation module’s inbuilt Referral Letter Generation function, creating letter content and mapping to data properties within the application.

Liberty Converse

  • Liberty Converse: CallBack Administration
    This course covers all aspects of creating and configuring a CallBack Service in Liberty Converse.

  • Liberty Converse: Quality Management – Surveys
    This course is designed for users of the Liberty Converse Quality Management Module as an introduction to Interaction Surveys.

Liberty Connect

  • Liberty Connect: Reporting
    This course is designed for individuals who need to run reports in the Liberty Connect application.

Liberty Create

  • Liberty Create Product Mode
    This course explains what Product Mode in Liberty Create is and how it can be used to create a Product Mode version of a Liberty Create application.

All of these courses can be found in the Netcall Academy by either selecting Browse all our Courses or the Learning by Solutions option followed by the appropriate solution.

Thank you

Lisa V